Carmine Red Cochineal Colorant E120

Dactylopius coccus Carminic Acid 50%, Carmine E120
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Cochineal (Dactylopius coccus), the red dye, carmine red cochineal is obtained from the eggs of the female cochineal insect, (The principal pigment) in cochineal is carminic acid, being very soluble in water. Current major usages of cochineal and its derivates are in the food, drug and cosmetics, textilies, industries, and as biological stains. Carminic acid.

Carminic acid, extracted from cochineal, has many uses as a colouring agent. For example, food (milk products, fillings, icings, confectionery, meat products, cereals, soft drinks, liquors, ice-creams, salads, jellies, juices and chewing gums), cosmetics (eye shadows, lipsticks and masks), the pharmaceutical industry (solutions).

Product Name Cochineal Carmine
Other Name Cochineal Extract, Cochineal Carmine Powder
Country Of Origin China
Taste Characteristic
Color Value E120
Carminic Acid 50%,52%
PH Value(1%) 4.0-12.0
Active Ingredient Carminic Acid
Standard QB
Appearance Red Fine Powder
Soluble Water Soluble
Extraction Method Extract from female dactylopius coccus

Carmine Red Cochineal Function

1. Can be used as coloring in the production of beverage, wine, cake, ice-cream, ice-lolly, preserved fruit, expansion food, jelly, flour cake, candy;

2. Liver protection and benefiting gallbladder;

3. With the function of dispelling heat, eliminating irritability, diuretic, cooling blood and detoxification.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field;

2. Applied in food field;

3. Applied in Cosmetics field.

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