Chlorophyll E140 natural green color pigment

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Chlorophyll E140 natural green color pigment

Chlorophyll E140 is a chlorin pigment found in cyanobacteria and the chloroplasts of algae and plants. Chlorophyll is an important molecule that plays a critical role in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll A is a specific form of chlorophyll used in oxygenic photosynthesis and absorbs most energy from wavelengths of violet-blue and orange-red light. Chlorophyl B is also involved in photosynthesis and absorbs primarily blue light. There are other forms of chlorophyl such as Chlorophyll c1, c2, c3 which are accessory pigments.

Chlorophyll E140 natural green color pigment  Chlorophyll E140 natural green color pigment cas 1406-65-1

Product Name  Chlorophyll colorant code  E140 Classification  Food Colorants
Molecular Formula C54H69MgN4O5R+2 Cas No. 1406-65-1
Formula Weight 878.45446 EINECS 215-800-7
Character Green powder Usage food & beverage dyeing

Chlorophyll E140 Application range: Mainly used in daily-use chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and the foodstuff industry.

Chlorophyll E140 is used as a natural coloring agent. It is credited with skin-soothing and healing properties thanks to its phytol content, and has a mild deodorizing effect. Chlorophyll is the green coloring matter found in all living plants and seen in plant leaves.

Chlorophyll E140 is a colorant that is a green pigment present in all green plants. it is used in sausage casings, oleomargarine, and shortening.
Dosage: The maximum usage amount, please refer to GB2760the amount can be adjusted according to the actual requirement.

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