Cordyceps Extract Cordycepin

Cordyceps sinensis(Berk.) Sacc 40% Cordyceptic Acid/Polysaccharides
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Cordyceps extract Cordycepin is the main functional component in Cordyceps, one of the top three famous Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cordyceps Extract Cordycepin Nucleoside analog that acts as an anticancer and antifungal agent. Can be converted to 3′-deoxyadenosine triphosphate (3′-dATP), which inhibits ATP-dependent DNA synthesis. Inhibits the growth of various tumor cells in vitro. It was reported to have wide range functions, such as enhancing body’s immune function, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-virus, androgen function, hypolipidemic(lose weight) and hypoglycemic effects.US National Cancer Institute defines it as an anticancer drug that belongs to a family of drugs called antitumor antibiotics. It has been used in various health products worldwide.

Product Name Cordyceps Extract
Latin Name Cordyceps Sinensis.
Used Part Mycelium
Appearance Yellow Brown to White Powder
Odor &Taste Characteristic
Test Method HPLC
Specification 1%-98%
Active Ingredient Cordycepin
Cordycepin CAS NO. 73-03-0
Molecular Formula C10H13N5O3
Molecular Weight 251.24
Structure  Cordycepin 73-03-0


Cordycepin : 1% , 3% , 98% by HPLC

Cordyceps extract function:

1. Cordyceps extract cordycepin powder can enhance human immunity;

2.Cordyceps extract cordycepin powder with the function of antineoplastic;

3. Cordyceps extract cordycepin powder can increases energy level and reduces fatigue;

4. Cordyceps P.E cordycepin powder with the function of anti-aging, antibacterial and antiviral;

5. Cordyceps P.E cordycepin powder used to improve renal function, it can reduce the damage that toxic substances caused to the kidney.

Cordyceps extract Application:

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, cordycepin powder can be used as raw materials;

2. Applied in health product field, cordycepin powder can be used as raw materials;

3. Applied in food and beverage industry, cordycepin powder can be used as additives;

4. Applied in cosmetic field, cordycepin powder used to reduce chloasma, age pigment and whelk.

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