Cosmetic Grade Ceramide NP Powder CAS NO 100403-19-8 Assay 95% min

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Ceramides are one of the constituents of the skin and they may have a role in helping the skin retain moisture. Our body’s own ability to synthesize ceramides may decline as we adults get older.

Ceramides work with fatty acids and cholesterol to provide the skin with a natural protective barrier against environmental stressors, including irritants and pollutants. This helps aging skin stay looking radiant for longer. Ceramides help in creating a lipid barrier that prevents skin permeability and prevents the skin from losing moisture. By preventing water loss, ceramides help to avert dryness and maintain skin flexibility. When the skin lacks ceramides, it can lead to dryness and irritation, contributing to skin sensitivity.

Skin Ceramides is a well-established, easy and effective way of restoring youthful levels of ceramides to aging skin.

Ceramides are essential components of the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, representing 35%-40% of its intercellular cement. They play a key role in the function of this barrier, hydrating the skin by literally ‘trapping’ water. Unfortunately, ceramide concentration in the skin declines significantly as we get older.

The structure of the outermost layer of skin protection, the Stratum corneum, varies according to our age but also the season, a fact related to the skin’s concentration in lipids. During cold winters and hot summers, lipid secretion decreases and the skin becomes dry, and sometimes shows other signs of accelerated aging: rough patches, redness, flakiness, tightness, itching and inflammation. Supplementation with ceramides is therefore essential to provide the skin, from within, with the structural elements it lacks. The ceramides produced naturally by young skin are chemically identical to those present in wheat grains.

Ceramide-3 for Skin HIGH ALTITUDE ESSENTIALS CERAMIDE-3 Powder for topical application plays a key role in helping the skin retain moisture and improve functioning of the skin barrier. Ceramide-3 Uses and Benefits for Skin This product is very helpful in emollience and moisturizing dry skin and improving the appearance of aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Applying this product regularly could help improve skin barrier function, increase skin hydration, and improve the appearance of skin.

Skin Ceramides provides powerful hydration support to the skin.

Restores youthful levels of ceramides to aging skin.

Improves hydration, elasticity and health of dry skin.

Protects the skin from the damaging effects of cold weather and alleviates skin dryness from exposure to the sun.

Ceramide 3 Powder -100% Pure Cosmetic, Water-Soluble, Make DIY Ceramide Skin Serum, Cream, Lotion for Skin Barrier Repair, Ageing Dry Sagging Mature Skin, Wrinkles

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