Gardenia Yellow Pigment

Gardenia jasminoides ELLIS Color Value E  (1%, 1cm,440±5nm)


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Gardenia yellow is a kind of pure natural water soluble food colorant, it’s extracted from the Gardenia fruit, which mainly contain of crocin and crocetin. And it is inherent fragrance, strong color, light and heat good resistance at PH 3.0-8.0. It’s widely used in food colorant.Gardenia Yellow Pigment

Gardenia yellow pigment components

The main components of gardenia yellow pigment are carotenoids and anthocyanins, which also contain iridoid glycosides and flavonoids and chlorogenic acids. Is hidden, and spent acid is one of the few water-soluble carotenoid, molecules that have multiple conjugated double bond, which on the one hand gives gardenia yellow pigment, on the other hand it is also one of the reasons of gardenia pigment is not stable. Gardenia yellow pigment in seven kinds of saffron acid derivatives, the seven derivatives of chroma and lightness difference is very few, but as the connection with saffron acid glucose gene number increase, derivatives and tonal color reduction, change color from red to yellow.

Product Feature: Orange red to tangerine red powder with peculiar smell.

● It has fine solubility in water and alcohol and the water solution appears bright yellow to orange yellow
● It contains rich safron acid and crocin, which benefit a lot in anti-dioxide, activating blood circulation and others.

Product Name Gardenia Yellow Pigment Classification  Food Colorants
Molecular Formula C44H64O24 Cas No. 94238-00-3
Active Ingredient  E30-E550 Usage food & beverage dyeing
Appearance Yellow Form powder

Gardenia Yellow Pigment for Food Industry

The mast yellow pigment inhibits the oxidation of 80 % linoleic acid and can be used as an antioxidant in food processing.Its good heat resistance, in the 80 ℃, 120 minutes, under the condition of the pigment remaining rate is above 85%;In the range of visible light (40lun-700nln), the irradiation of light is stable, while the irradiation of light within a range of 250nm and 390nm is unstable.Therefore, the mast yellow pigment can be used as an antioxidant and colorant in the food industry.The mast yellow pigment has excellent dyeing ability for protein and starch, which can be widely used in pastry, confectionery, flour, beverage, jelly, biscuit, ice cream, etc.

Gardenia Yellow Pigment for Silk Fabric

Gardenia yellow can be directly dyed with silk fabric, the dye dosage has the greatest influence on the dyeing result, and the performance of the dye is better.Suits to use post-mordant dyeing gardenia yellow mordant, compared with the direct dyeing, post-mordant dyeing fabric color no obvious change, in addition to the sunlight fastness to no more than 3, other various fastness to basic level 4 or more.

Gardenia Yellow Pigment for Drug Industry

Mast child yellow pigment in addition to containing pigment composition can be colored, and contains certain and blood, invigorate the circulation, eliminate fatigue, pain, step-down, etc. High medical value, price expensive saffron acid, can be applied to the pharmaceutical industry.

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