Green Tea Extract Powder Polyphenol, EGCG, Catechins, Caffeine

Camellia Sinensis O. Ktze. 20%~98% Polyphenols
8%~98% EGCG
5%~20% Theanine
90%~98% Epicatechin
5%~45% Caffeine
4:1, 10:1, Instant Tea Powder

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Green tea extract powder Polyphenol, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), Catechins, Caffeine,  antioxidant beneficial cas 84650-60-2, 989-51-5

Product Name Green Tea Extract
CAS# 84650-60-2, 989-51-5
Used Part Leaf
Appearance Brown/ White Powder
Odor &Taste Characteristic
Test Method UV/HPLC
Active Ingredient Tea Polyphenol, EGCG(epigallocatechin gallate), Catechins, Caffeine

Green tea extract powder Polyphenol, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), Catechins, Caffeine, antioxidant cas 84650-60-2, 989-51-5


No. Polyphenols Catechins EGCG Caffeine
01 ≥20% ≥5% ≥2% ≤10%
02 ≥30% ≥15% ≥5% ≤10%
03 ≥40% ≥25% ≥10% ≤10%
04 ≥50% ≥30% ≥15% ≤12%
05 ≥60% ≥40% ≥20% ≤12%
06 ≥70% ≥50% ≥25% ≤12%
07 ≥80% ≥60% ≥30% ≤12%
08 ≥90% ≥65% ≥40% ≤12%
09 ≥98% ≥75% ≥45% ≤5%

Green tea catechins have shown a number of beneficial effects, modern research and scientific data demonstrates that the beneficial effects of green tea are largely due to its main catechin, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). EGCG makes up about 30%-50% of the total catechin content and has an antioxidant activity about 25-100 times more potent than Vitamin C and E.The EGCG90%,95% is a pure and defined substance delivering all the healthful benefits associated with green tea, which provides the best of green tea in its purest form, is highly compatible with a broad range of foods, beverages and dietary supplements. It is colorless and has little impact on the taste of your product.

1.Green tea extract will reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids

2.Green tea extract with the function of removing radicals and anti-aging;

3.Green tea extract can enhance the immune function and prevention of colds;

4. It will anti-radiation, anti-cancer, inhibiting the increase of the cancer cell;

5. It used to anti-bacterium, with the function of sterilization and deodorization.

Application of Green Tea Extract

1.Applied in cosmetics field, green tea extract owns the effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-Aging;
2.Applied in food field, green tea extract is used as a natural antioxidant, antistaling agent, and anti-fading agents;

3. Applied to the pharmaceutical field. Green tea extract is used to prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, diabetes.

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