Natural Lac Dye Red Pigment

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Lac dye red pigment is extracted from laccifer lacca by weak alkali solution and refining.

Lac dye red pigment, also known as shellac red, coloring composition is composed of five components of Lac acid A, lac acid B, lac acid C, lac acid D, lac acid E mixture, including Lac acid an accounted for 85%. Lac red high safety, suitable for protein, starch beverage, candy and jelly, cakes and noodles etc.

Lac dye red pigment properties

Main composition: laccaic acid a(85%)  and  laccaic acid b, c, d, e, etc.

Appearance red or red-purple powder. In aqueous solution its color vary with its pH. when pH is 3-5, it is orange-red, pH is 5-7 red to red-purple color. When pH is more than 7, it is red-purple. The resistance to light and heat is good in acid medium. Powder dissolves in water (0.1%), in alcohol and propanediol, pass through 80-mesh-screen.

Product Name Lac Dye Red Pigment
Botanical Source Laccifer lacca
CAS No. 60687-93-6
Apperance Red Fine Powder
Color Value E1% 140
Character Water Soluble
Main Function Food Additives
Main Application Applied in foods, like drink, meat, cake, candy etc.

Lac dye red pigment Application:

Applications/use rates: fruit preps, beverages; 0.05-0.20
Lac Dyc Red Pigment can be widely used in beverages of fruit vegetable juice(pulp), fruit-flavoured beverages, soda pop, compound seasonings, jam, cocoa products, chocolates and chocolate products, candy, imitation wine.
When use normal Lac Dye Red, should dissolve the color with a small amount of ethanol or propanediol first, and then mix the color solution with food materials.
Before use Water Soluble Lac Dye Red, a small amount of purified water must be used for dissolving the color first, and then mix the color solution with food materials.
Storage conditions: avoid exposure to heat, air, and light. Recommended storing at refrigerator conditions for maximum shelf life of 2 years.

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