Paprika Red Pigment Capsanthin E160c

Red pepper Capsorubin E160c
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Paprika red pigment, also known as red chili pepper oleoresin, is a natural colorant extracted from pepper. The main coloring ingredients are capsanthin and capsanthin, which are carotenoids, accounting for 50% to 60% of the total. It also contains a certain amount of non-coloring ingredient. Capsaicin red pigment, not only with a bright color, but also have tinting strength, good color retention effect, can effectively extend the shelf life of food simulation.

Paprika Red Pigment is extracted from the dried fruits of Capsicum annum, C. minimum, and small fruited varieties of C.frutescens. Capsaicin acts as an agonist at the VR1 (TRPV1) receptor, a ligand-gated non-selective cation channel. It exhibits neuroprotective effects in a model of transient global cerebral ischemia and induces release of substance P from afferent nociceptive specific neurons. Capsaicin also Inhibits NFκB activation by TNF and reversibly inhibits platelet aggregation. Improper activation of NF-κB has been linked to cancer, immune and inflammatory diseases, and viral infection.

Product Name  Paprika Red Pigment
Botanical Source Capsicum annuum Linn.
Apperances Dark Red Crystal Powder Or Oily Liquid
Color Value E50-E150
Mol Formular C40H56O3
Mol Weight 584.85
Main Function Fat Burning , Cancer Prevention , Analgesia And Dispel Dampness
Main Application Main apply in food , pharmaceutical and health care product field etc.

Paprika red pigment function:

1. Belonging to carotenoid, containing over 50 kinds of carotenoid and Vitamin A source;
2. Improving immunity and postponing the aging of cells and bodies;
3. The unique effect of anti-cancer and preventing cancer;
4. With better color stability, New Paprika E150 can be used for higher color stability request, such as coated-powder meat and prepared meat products application.

Paprika red pigment not only with a bright color, high color price, strong coloring power, good color retention effect, widely used in the coloring of various foods such as aquatic products, meat, cakes, salads, cans, beverages, etc., but also can effectively extend the simulation food. Shelf life; high safety, nutritive and health-promoting effects, and proven by modern science to have anti-cancer, anti-radiation, etc.

Paprika red pigment can be applied to the coloring of various foods such as seafood, meat products, pastries, salads, and canned foods to extend the shelf life of foods. It can also be used in the production of cosmetics.

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