Polyporus Umbellatus Extract / Chuling Extract (40% polysaccharide) tested by UV

Polyporus Umbellatus Extract / Chuling Extract (40% polysaccharide) tested by UV

Polyporus umbellatus fries 10%~40% Polysaccharide (UV)

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Polyporus Umbellatus Extract,  Chuling Extract powder (40% polysaccharide) tested by UV p. hoelen rumph extract beneficial for anti-tumor

Polyporus umbellatus extract from non-cor Fruiting bodies large or large, fleshy, stalked, more branched, terminal rounded white to light brown cap, a bundle of up to 35cm in diameter. Cap cover round, the middle of the concave near the funnel-shaped, edge of the volume, was fine fine scales, wide 1-4cm. Bacteria white, hole surface white, dry grass yellow.

Polyporus Umbellatus Extract With 30% polysaccharidesOrifice rounded or ruptured irregularly dentate, ascending, an average of 2-4 per mm. Spore colorless, smooth, cylindrical, round at one end, one end with a crooked tip, 7-10μm × 3-4.2μm. Economic value: When the fruiting body is tender, the taste is very delicious. The underground fungus black, diverse shapes, is a famous Chinese medicine, a diuretic effect of edema. Containing Polyporus polysaccharide (glucan), test anti-cancer.

Product Name Chuling P.E./Polyporus Umbellatus Extract/ p. hoelen rumph extract
Latin Name Polyporus Place of Origin China
Grade Food grade Part Used hypha & fruit
GMO Status GMO free Appearance brown fine powder
Odor Characteristic Active Ingredient Polysaccharide

The Functions of  polyporus umbellatus extract

1. Anti-tumor, antiallergic

2. Anti-neurasthenia

3. Anti-high blood pressure, anti-diabet, protect cardiovascular system

4. Treat chronic bronchitis & treat asthma

5. Improve immunity

Application of polyporus umbellatus extract

Pharmaceutical field & health product:

1. Pharmaceutical chemical raw materials and dietary supplement ingredients.

2. Pesticides and plant growth regulator materials.

3. Veterinary API and feed additives raw materials.


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