Safflower Extract Carthamin Natural Yellow Colorant Powder

Safflower Extract Carthamin Natural Yellow Colorant Powder

Safflower Yellow, Coloring Foodstuff
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Safflower Extract Carthamin Natural Yellow Pigment Powder

Safflower Extract Carthamin from safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) is a highly branched, herbaceous, thistle-like annual plant. Other names include Sallflower, Beni, Chimichanga, or Carthamus tinctorius and in Pashto it is called Kareza (as it is found abundantly in Afghanistan and Tribal belts of Pakistan). 

Safflower Extract Carthamin used for coloring and flavoring foods, in medicines, and making red (carthamin) and yellow dyes

Safflower plants are 30 to 150 cm (12 to 59 in) tall with globular flower heads having yellow, orange, or red flowers. Each branch will usually have from one to five flower heads containing 15 to 20 seeds per head. Safflower is native to arid environments having seasonal rain. Traditionally, the crop was grown for its seeds, and used for coloring and flavoring foods, in medicines, and making red (carthamin) and yellow dyes, especially before cheaper aniline dyes became available. Dried safflower flowers (紅藍花 honglanhua, 草紅花 caohonghua, 刺紅花 cihonghua) are used in traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate pain, increase circulation, and reduce bruising. They are included in herbal remedies for menstrual pain and minor physical trauma.

Product Name Safflower extract colorant Classification  Food Colorants
Botanical Source Carthamus tinctorius L.(FlosCarthami) Active Ingredient carthamine
Specfication E10-E100/99% Test methods HPLC/UV-VIS
Molecular Formula C21 H22 Oll Cas No. 85532-77-0
Molecular Weight 450.39 Usage food & beverage dyeing
Appearance Fine Yellow powder Form powder/liquid

Safflower Extract Carthamin is a natural red pigment derived from safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), earlier known as carthamine.It is used as a dye and a food coloring. As a food additive, it is known as Natural Red 26.
Safflower Extract Carthamin was used as a dye in ancient Egypt. It was used extensively in the past for dyeing wool for the carpet industry in European countries and to create cosmetics for geisha and kabuki artists in Japan, where the color is called beni (紅).It competed with the early synthetic dye fuchsine as a silk dye after fuchsine’s 1859 discovery.
The safflower extract carthamin is biosynthesized from a chalcone (2,4,6,4′-tetrahydroxychalcone) and two glucose molecules to give safflor yellow A and with other glucose molecule, safflor yellow B. The next step is the formation of precarthamin and finally carthamin.

Safflower Extract Carthamin Feature

easy to absorb moisture to become bulk, but do not affect normal usage; with good light resistance and very good heat resistance; with stable hue when PH from 5 to 7;good dyeing property to starch and bad dyeing property to protein ;easy soluble in water and dilute ethanol, not soluble in absolute ethanol.

Safflower Extract Carthamin Application

Natural edible, can be widely used in foods, beverage, cosmetic industry and dyestuff et.

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