Schisandra Extract 5% Schisandrin

Schisandra Chinensis(Turcz.)Baill 2~13% Schisandrins (HPLC)
2~6% Schisandrin (HPLC)1~2% Schisandrin B (HPLC)Total Polysaccharides (HPLC) (Water soluble)Schisandra Oil 0.5~3.5% Schisandrin B (HPLC)
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Schisandra is native to East Asia, and its dried fruit is sometimes used medicinally. The berries of S. chinensis are given the name wu wei zi in Chinese, which translates as “five flavor fruit” because they possess all five basic flavors in Chinese herbal medicine: salty, sweet, sour, pungent (spicy), and bitter. Intraditional Chinese medicine schisandra extract used as a remedy for many ailments: to resist infections, increase skin health, and combat insomnia, coughing, and thirst.

Schisandra Extract Active Ingredient Schisandrin CAS NO.7432-28-2 herbal Schisandra Chinensis powder medical grade professional manufacturer

Product Name Schisandra Berry Extract
Used Part Seed
Appearance Brown powder
Odor &Taste Characteristic
Test Method HPLC
Specification 1%-9%
Active Ingredient Schisandrin
CAS NO. 7432-28-2
Molecular Formula C24H32O7
Molecular Weight 432.51
Structure 7432-28-2

schisandra extract powder 5% SchisandrinPhysical Characteristics
Sieve Analysis NLT 100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on Drying ≤4.0%
Ash Content ≤2.0%
Residual Solvents
Ethanol ≤5000ppm
Total Heavy Metals ≤20ppm
Pesticide Residues ≤10ppb
Microbiological Assay
Total Plate Count 1000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold 100cfu/g
E.Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Staphylococcus Negative








Schisandra extract function

1. Schisandra extract powder used to nourishing and strengthening kidney function;

2. Schisandra extract powder can enhance human immunity and resisting the diseases;

3. Schisandra extract powder can enhance intelligence and promoting physical endurance;

4. Schisandra chinensis extract powder used to protect the liver from the damage of chemical poisons, preventing the damage of oxygen free radical.




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