Sodium Copper Chlorophyll Colorant E141


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Sodium Copper Chlorophyll Colorant E141 water soluble food and beverages natural color pigment powder

Product Name: Sodium Copper Chlorophyll Colorant E141
Product Description: dark green to black powder, with its peculiar smell.

Product Feature:
● Soluble in water; aqueous solution is green to dark green.
● The product is stable to light and heat, precipitation occurs when meeting metal ion.

Product Name Sodium Copper Chlorophyll colorant code  E141 Classification  Food Colorants
Molecular Formula C34H31CuN4Na3O6 Cas No. 11006-34-1
Character green Usage food & beverage dyeing
EINECS 234-242-5 Form powder/liquid

Application range: Please refer to GB2760 for the application range.
Usage: accurately weigh the required amount, and then diluted with the 10~20 times water and add it to product, then stir well for use.
Dosage: The maximum usage amount,please refer to GB2760;the amount can be adjusted according to the actual requirement。

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