Water soluble chitosan derivatives series

水溶性壳聚糖系列产品目录 Products list of water soluble chitosan series 1.壳寡糖                              Chitosan Oligosaccharide 2.壳聚糖盐酸盐                  Chitosan Hydrochloride 3.羧甲基壳聚糖(CMC)       Carboxymethyl Chitosan 4.壳聚糖醋酸盐                   Chitosan Acetate 5.壳聚糖季铵盐                   Chitosan Quaternary AmmoniumSalt 6.壳聚糖乳酸盐                    Chitosan Lactate 7.羟丙基壳聚糖(HPCH)      Hydroxypropyl Chitosan 8.羟乙基壳聚糖                    Hydroxyethyl Chitosan

Green tea extract and black tea extract standards GB/T 31740.1

 Examination Items  Examination Standards Green tea extract Black tea extract Total Tea Polyphenols ≥ 20 15 Catechins  ≥ 10 – Total Theaflavins ≥ Hot-water Soluble – 0.3 Cold-water Soluble – – Caffeine ≤ 15 Moisture Content ≤ 6.0  Ash ≤ Hot-water Soluble 15 20 Cold-water Soluble 20 35

Cosmetic ingredients list

This is not our complete range of products, but the most frequent one. For other particular specification ingredients please contact: [email protected] Category Product Specification Application Cosmetic plant extract              白茶提取物 White tea extract 10:1 Cosmetic add  白芍提取物 White peony extract 10:1 Cosmetic add  白芷提取物 Angelica Dahurica Extract 10:1 Cosmetic add  甘草提取物 Licorice extract 10:1 Cosmetic add  橄榄提取物 Olive extract 10:1 Cosmetic [...]

Gas Chromatograph(GC)-HP6895N

Name: GC (Gas Chromatograph) Model: HP6895N Brief Introduction: Gas chromatography (GC) is a common type of chromatography used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition. A gas chromatograph is a chemical analysis instrument for [...]

Microwave Digestion System-METASH MWD-500

Name: Microwave Digestion System Model: METASH MWD-500 Brief Introduction: Microwave digestion system is supporting the sample preparation. Especially suitable for atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), UV – visible spectrophotometer (UV-Vis), inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP-AES), atomic fluorescence spectrometer (AFS), graphite furnace [...]

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer-PinAAcle 900H(PerkinElmer)

Name: Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Model: PinAAcle 900H(PerkinElmer) Brief Introduction: Atomic absorption spectrometer is mainly used to test more than 70 elements in samples, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, etc. Depending on the property and limits of the metal element, the [...]

Automatic Polarimeter Autopol IV -T-Rudolph

Name: Automatic Polarimeter Model: Germany(Rudolph)Autopol IV -T-Rudolp Brief Introduction: The plane-polarized light would occur optical rotation when through liquid compounds including optical activity, rotate to the left or right. The Polarimeter could test the material rotation. Autopol IV is an Automatic Polarimeter [...]

HP TLC Scanner Germany(Desaga)CD60

Name: HP TLC Scanner Model: Germany(Desaga)CD60 Working Principle: The ingredients of a sample would direct movement with the mobile phase, and reach the separation purpose with the stationary different of ingredients. Advantages: 1. Wide spectral range detection(190-900)nm. 2. Quick scan speed, complete scan mode [...]

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph(HPLC)

Name:HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Model: Agilent 1100 Consist: Mobile phase store liquid bottle,Vacuum Degasser,infusion pump,samples injector,chromatographic column, detector and efficient recorder. Working Principle:The mobile phase of the bottle into the system by the high pressure pump and the sample is formed by [...]

Infrared Spectrometer–PerkinElmer Spectrum Two

Name: Infrared Spectrometer Model: PerkinElmer Spectrum Two Brief Introduction: Infrared spectrometer is the use of physical absorption of infrared radiation of different wavelengths, and analyze the chemical structure of a high purity single product to determine the functional groups of the [...]