Marigold Extract Lutein E161b

Marigold Lutein Xanthophylls E161b
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Marigold Extract Lutein E161b is a carotenoid found in several flowers and leafy vegetables. It can be obtained as a by-product of chlorophyll extraction, or from marigold. Marigold is a flower that grows in Mediterranean regions. Its petals have culinary and medicinal applications in many cultures. Marigold extracts are also used to impart natural yellow color in food applications.

Marigold flowers are manufactured from the dried flower petals. These are extracted according to high standard specifications. The marigold extract is heated to increase flowability and then purified to remove the fatty acids commonly found in marigold extract and produces crystalline lutein and zeaxanthin.

Marigold Extract Lutein E161b is a well known carotenoid found in the human diet, blood, and tissues. Evidence suggests that lutein consumption is inversely related to eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. This is supported by the finding that lutein is specifically deposited in ocular tissues, such as the lens and the macula lutea, an area of the retina responsible for central and high acuity vision. Lutein is believed to function in two ways: First in a photo-protective way as a filter of damaging blue light from sunlight. Second as an antioxidant that quenches free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

Zeaxanthin is one of the most common carotenoid alcohols found in nature. It is important in the xanthophyll cycle. Synthesized in plants and some micro-organisms, it is the pigment that gives paprika (made from bell peppers), corn, saffron, wolfberries, and many other plants and microbes their characteristic color.

Product Name lutein pigment E161b Classification  Food Colorants
Botanical Source Tagetes erecta L. Extract part Flower
Active Ingredient Lutein/ Zeaxanthin Specification 5% 10% 20% 30% 50% 80%
Molecular Formula C40H56O2 Cas No. 127-40-2
EINECS  204-840-0 Usage food & beverage dyeing
Appearance Orange yellow crystalline Form powder

Marigold Extract Lutein E161b Function

1. Lutein can protect eyesight, prevent it from descending. Protect yellow membrane in retina, inhibit macula lutea from degeneration and blurred vision. Anti-oxidation, inhibit harmful free radical from forming. Protect retina, absorb a great quantity blue light which enters our eyes.
2.Lutein have the lower macular pigment density, cut down the incidence of cataract.
3.Anti-oxidation, inhibit the activity of active oxygen-derived free radicals.
4.Inhibit artery wall from thickening and arterial embolism, cut down the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, delay arteriosclerosis.
5.Antitumous effect, inhibit breast carcinoma, carcinoma of prostate, rectal cancer, skin cancer, etc.
6.Lutein is natural pigment, strong tinting power, dosage low, color bright-colored.

Marigold Extract Lutein E161b Application

1. Pharmaceutical and health products: It is mainly used in vision care products to alleviate visual fatigue, reduce incidence of AMD, retinitisp igmentosa (RP), cataract, retinopathy, myopia, floaters, and glaucoma.

2. Cosmetic: It is mainly used to whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection. and beverage: In food and field, it is mainly used as food or beverage additives for colorant and nutrient.

4.feed additive: It is mainly used in feed additive for laying hens and table poultry to improve the color of egg yolk and chicken. Make high commercial value fishes more attractive, such as salmon, trout and spectacular fish.

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