Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract

Salvia miltiorrhiza  8%, 20%, 60% Salvianolic acid B (HPLC)

10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% Tanshinone IIA (HPLC)

≥10% Cryptotanshinone (HPLC)

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Salvia miltiorrhiza extract also known as red sage, Chinese sage, tan shen, or danshen, is a perennial plant in the genus Salvia, highly valued for its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Native to China and Japan, it grows at 90 to 1,200 m (300 to 3,940 ft) elevation, preferring grassy places in forests, hillsides, and along stream banks. The specific epithet miltiorrhiza means “red ochre root”.

Salvia Miltiorrhiza is one of the most popular healing herbs used today throughout the world. It increases mental and physical efficiency and resistance to stress and disease. Danshen’s adaptogenic function help balance the body, depending on the individual’s needs. It is known to normalize blood pressure, increase blood circulation and aid in the prevention of heart disease.

Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract Powderdan sheng extract

Product Name Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract Botanical Name Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge.
Part of used Root CAS No. 115939-25-8
Place of Origin China (Mainland) Extraction Type Solvent Extraction
Appearance Fine powder Color Brown
Odor Taste Characteristic Test Method HPLC
Active Ingredient Salvianolic acid B, Tanshinone IIA, Cryptotanshinone Specification 8%,20%,60%
MOQ 1KG Sample Available
Shelf Time 24 Months Storage Keep Dry and Keep away from Sunlight

Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract Salvianolic acid B, Tanshinone IIA, Cryptotanshinone

Salvia miltiorrhiza extract Function

1. Salvia miltiorrhiza extract has resistance to infection, used to fester sex and a surgical infection;

2. Salvia miltiorrhiza extract will restrain the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol, reduce neuter and adipose;

3. Salvia miltiorrhiza extract used to speed up the blood flow velocity, so as to improve microcirculation;

4. Salvia miltiorrhiza extract has the treatment of coronary heart disease, can improve coronary circulation, inhibit thrombosis diseases;

5. Salvia miltiorrhiza extract effect on reducing the myocardial injury caused by lack of oxygen and improve cardiac muscle contraction force, promote the myocardial regeneration.


1). Applied in pharmaceutical field, salvia miltiorrhiza extract is mainly used as raw material for clearing heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on;

2). Applied in the health industry, salvia miltiorrhiza extract is mainly used raw material of product for benefiting the stomach, increasing energy and boosting the immunity.


  • Delivery Time: Around 3-5 workdays after your payment.
  • Package: In fiber-drums with two-plastic bags inside.
  • Net Weight: 25kgs/Drum / Gross Weight: 28kgs/Drum
  • Drum Size & Volume: I.D.42cm × H52cm, 0.08 m³/ Drum
  • Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.
  • Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.


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  • 2, Sea shipping for quantity over 500KG; and air shipping is available for 50KG above;
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