Podophyllum Hexandrum Extract

Sinopodophullum hexandrum 25%, 50% podophyllin/podophyllum resin(HPLC)
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Podophyllum Hexandrum Extract source of Podophyllotoxin from the roots of the plant. Podophylline is applied directly to genital warts. When podophylline penetrates the wart tissue, it has a toxic effect on the nuclei of the wart cells.

The nucleus is the cell’s control centre. Podophylline controls cell division and multiplication (mitosis). This results in the healthy growth of tissue.

Podophylline is an antimitotic and by its action on the nuclei, prevents the wart cells from dividing. This stops the cells multiplying. Over time, all the wart cells die and new healthy tissue grows in their place.

Product Name Podophyllum Hexandrum Extract Latin Name Sinopodophyllum Emodi (Wall.).
Part of used Root / Leaf Type Herbal Extract
Active Ingredients Podophyllotoxin, Podophyllin, Picropodophyllotoxin Specification 25% 50% 98%
Appearance Yellow Brow to White powder Structure   Podophyllum Hexandrum Extract Powder Podophyllotoxin, Podophyllin, Picropodophyllotoxin
CAS No. 518-28-5, 477-47-4 Molecular Formula C22H22O8
Test Method HPLC Molecular Weight 414.41
MOQ 1kg Place of Origin Xi’an, China (Mainland)
Shelf Time 2 Years Storage Keep Dry and Keep away from Sunlight

Podophyllotoxin: 90%, 98%, 99%
Podophyllin: 25%, 50%
Picropodophyllotoxin/Picropodophyllin: 98%
Test standard: UV HPLC

Podophyllum Hexandrum Extract Function:

1. Podophyllum is mainly used for condyloma acuminate.in addition, it has an effect of expelling wind and removing dampness, arresting cough, relieving the pain, promoting blood circulation and relieving toxin.
2. Podophyllum is used for rheumatic arthralgia, the injury due to falling, cardialgia and stomach ache, cough due to pathogenic wind-cold, irregular menstruation.
3. For external use, Podophyllum can treatment of skin cancer.
Podophyllum hexandrum extract application:
1. Podophyllum can be applied in the pharmaceutical field;
2. Podophyllum is widely applied in health care products field;
3. Podophyllum can applied in the food and beverage field.

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