Monascus Yellow Natural Colorant Powder


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Monasucs yellow powder is transformed from red yeast rice. Which is refined by deep fermentation of rice powder and soybean with red yeast.  Monascus yellow has high purity, good photothermal stability, wide pH adaptation range, good water solubility and convenient use.

Ingredients: The main components are ankaflavin and monascin.

Properties: yellow to yellow brown powder, block, paste or liquid, slightly characteristic odor. Dissolved in water.

Odor: Monascus yellow powder has the characteristic smell of this product and no other bad smell.

Product Name monascus yellow Classification  Food Colorants
Molecular Formula C2H7NO3S Cas No. 107-35-7
EINECS 203-483-8 Usage food & beverage dyeing
Appearance  yellow Form powder/liquid

Monascus Yellow Function:

● Belonging to Monascus pigment, powerful physiological activity on reducing blood fat and lowering blood pressure.
● Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
● Transparent bright yellow in water;

Application: Pastries, cooked meat products, beverages, compound wine, jelly, spiced corned egg, etc.
The usage amount is according to production needs, more details referring to local regulation.
Usage: Weigh the required amount accurately, dissolve with a small amount of water, and then dilute to appropriate dosage

● Light is destructive to pigment, keeping the finished product from direct sunlight.
● Sealed and stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Please seal the product timely after opening the package if there’s product remaining to avoid moisture adsorption.
● Avoid contact Iron metal ion.
● Microorganisms have a certain influence on pigment.




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